The skills (that are key)

  • WordPress and WooCommerce expert
  • API integrations
  • PHP, HTML5 and SCSS standards
  • Pixel-perfect responsive builds
  • Schema and SEO
  • Sites and apps optimised for mobile performance
  • Agile project methodology

Nice things people have said about me...

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Let’s talk shop*

*Or web app, or customer portal, or booking system...

I'm nearly at capacity right now, but will consider work for new clients with interesting projects.

I work directly with small businesses and for web agencies looking to subcontract their workload.

If you've got an exciting or unusual project coming up – probably doing something challenging with WordPress or a complex API integration – then drop me a line.

I should warn you, I'm not taking on other developers' legacy projects at the moment. I already have a few on my books and there's only so much old code one person can take!